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Ethical Channel

Adif - A V’s Code of Ethics

The purpose of Adif - A V’s Code of Ethics, approved by the Board of Directors, is to formalize the expected best practices of upstanding, responsible and transparent behaviour of all the people working in Adif - A V, while performing their everyday activities and in their professional relationships.

The Code aims to translate Adif - A V's corporate values and principles into desired behaviour, taking as a starting point the organisation’s culture, the legislation applicable to it and the company’s commitment to ethics and transparency.

Ethical Channel

The Ethical Channel is the communication channel between Adif - A V and its interest groups and society in general so that anyone may notify possible breaches of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Only notifications relating to the Adif - A V Code of Ethics and Conduct will be attended.

For communications that are not related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the following channels are available:

  • Comunicacionweb
  • Electronic headquarters (available on the website). Virtual office for accessing information and online services
  • Customer Service Office. Official complaints may be made in the Official Complaints Book in the stations

Channel conditions of use:

  • Messages must not include offensive language
  • Anonymous notifications will be accepted provided they are accompanied by documentary evidence
  • Adif will take all necessary measures to guarantee both the confidentiality of the informer and the right to honour of those persons who may be accused of breaching the code
  • All notifications received that comply with the established requirements will be answered

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