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Network Statement

The "Network Statement" (hereinafter DR) is the document that sets out the characteristics of the infrastructure made available to the railway companies and applicants and contains information on the conditions of access to it, as well as on the conditions of access to the service facilities and the provision of services in said facilities and the information required to make use of access rights, so as to ensure transparency and non-discriminatory access to railway infrastructure for all applicants requesting capacity to provide rail transport services. It also details the general rules, time frames, procedures and criteria relating to fee systems and capacity allocation, together with the information required to process an infrastructure capacity request.

It has been updated for the 2021 financial year, including the 2021/2022 Service Timetable, pursuant to the provisions of Order FOM/897/2005 of 7 April, regarding the network statement and the railway capacity allocation process.

In accordance with Art. 32.2 of Act 38/2015 for the Railway Sector, this Network Statement has undergone the mandatory consultation procedure; and was approved by the Board of Directors of the public corporation ADIF Alta Velocidad, at their meeting held on 24 November 2020.


Title Page of the 2021 Adif - Alta Velocidad Network Statement

1ª Actualización de la Declaración sobre la Red 2021. Edición 15 de enero de 2021

Con fecha 30 de diciembre de 2020 se ha aprobado la Ley 11/2020, de Presupuestos Generales del Estado para el año 2021, (BOE nº 341 de 31 de diciembre de 2020), por la que se modifican las cuantías de los Cánones y Tasas vigentes. En aplicación de la citada Ley se actualizan en el capítulo 5:

  • La cuantía de la Tasa por utilización o aprovechamiento especial de bienes del dominio público ferroviario, de conformidad con el artículo 74 de la Ley 11/2020, pág. 118 del capítulo 5
  • Los Cánones Ferroviarios previstos en los artículos 97 y 98 de la Ley 38/2015, con las cuantías unitarias que se establecen en la disposición transitoria sexta, Modificación temporal de las cuantías unitarias de los cánones ferroviarios previstas en el artículo 80 de la Ley 11/2020, de Presupuestos Generales del Estado para el año 2021. Páginas 126 a 139 ambas inclusive del capítulo 5

Asimismo, en aplicación de la Orden la Orden TMA/1240/2020 de 8 de diciembre, por la que se modifica la denominación de la estación de Madrid-Chamartín. Se ha procedido a modificar la denominación de la citada estación, que pasa a denominarse «Estación de Madrid-Chamartín-Clara Campoamor», y se adaptan a esta nueva denominación las referencias correspondientes en la Declaración sobre la Red, así como en sus anexos y Catálogos.

Los documentos V.0 edición 15/01/2021 que entran en vigor el día 01/01/2021 anulan y sustituyen a los documentos V.0 edición 10/12/2020 de la Declaración sobre la Red 2021


Update to the financial and tax system for infrastructure usage:

Fees and Tariffs: The amount for the Tax remains in force for the use and special exploitation of public railway facilities established in Title VI, Chapter I, Section V of Act 38/2015, of 29 September, for the railway sector, in accordance with Article 86, second paragraph of Act 6/2018 for the National Budget, Chapter 5 of this document, until such time as a National Budget Law is passed which amends it.

The Railway Fees envisaged in Articles 97 and 98 of Act 38/2015 of 29 September for the railway sector remain in force, with the unitary amounts established in Article 97 of Act 6/2018 for the 2018 National Budget (Official State Gazette no. 161 of 4 July 2018), Chapter 5 of this document, until such time as a National Budget Law is passed which amends them.

Prices for the Provision of Basic, Supplementary and Auxiliary Services: The 2021 prices applied to the provision of Basic, Supplementary and Auxiliary Services in the RFIG and in the areas in the railway service zones administered by the public corporation ADIF-Alta Velocidad will be those approved by agreement of the Board of Directors of ADIF-Alta Velocidad on 26 May 2020, 30 June 2020 and 24 November 2020 according to Article 102 of the Railway Sector Act.

Other updates:

Network Statement Index, according to the common structure and Implementation Guide approved by the Rail Net Europe General Assembly on 20 May 2020, below are some of the most significant changes made to the document (specified by chapters), based on the new structure:

  • Chapter 5 - Services and Prices, Economic and Tax Regime, groups together the contents of the previous chapters 5 and 6, services and economic and tax regime.
  • Chapter 6 - Operation and management of traffic, collects all the information related to the operation and management of traffic.
  • Chapter 7 - Service Facilities, created to develop all the information related to the Service Facilities, where, apart from defining each one of them: passenger stations, freight terminals, siding tracks, etc., the conditions of access, use, services and prices are also specified. It collects content that was previously available in other chapters, as well as information from the previous catalogue of services and prices.

All appendices have also been updated, including the 2021/2022 Service Timetable’s Capacity Allocation Calendar in accordance with Rail Net Europe (RNE) guidelines for Applicants making capacity requests.

All maps of the network have also been updated with the changes made to its infrastructure.