Adif High Speed's commitments

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At the service of society
As a public service company, Adif is at the service of society as a whole.Therefore, we are guided by a strategy that aims for our results and activities to contribute, as much as possible, to improving people's lives. That is our ultimate goal and our fundamental commitment:to work every day, as managers and administrators of the railway network, to help improve people's lives.
This spirit is embodied in a series of commitments in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
All the details of the 2030 Strategic Plan, where the commitments acquired by Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif High Speed) and Adif are detailed, have been developed jointly by both entities, and they can be found in the same site in order to avoid confusion and duplication, and with the aim of providing a more comfortable navigation for those who come to know us.