Network Statement


2022 Network Statement.

The "Network Statement" (hereinafter DR) is the document that sets out the characteristics of the infrastructure made available to the railway companies and applicants and contains information on the conditions of access to this, as well as on the conditions of access to the service facilities and the provision of services in said facilities and the information required to make use of access rights, so as to ensure transparency and non-discriminatory access to railway infrastructure for all applicants requesting capacity to provide rail transport services.
It also details the general rules, timeframes, procedures and criteria relating to fee systems and capacity allocation, together with the information required to process an infrastructure capacity request.

It has been updated for the 2022 financial year, including the 2022/2023 Service Timetable, pursuant to the provisions of Order FOM/897/2005 of 7 April, regarding the network statement and the railway capacity allocation process.

In accordance with Art. 32.2 of Act 38/2015 for the Railway Sector, this Network Statement has undergone the mandatory consultation procedure; and was approved by the Board of Directors of the public corporation ADIF Alta Velocidad, at their meeting held on 29 November 2021.
2022 Network Statement. Documents
2022 ADIF Alta Velocidad (ADIF High Speed) Network Statement
Full Document 03/30/2022 edition
Maps of the General Interest Railway Network, RFIG, 01/28/2021 edition
Document with data updated to January 28, 2021
Catalogue of Descriptive Sheets of Service Facilities
Document with data updated to February 28, 2022
Catalogue of the Capacity Offer at Service Facilities
Document with data updated to February 28, 2028
Catalogue of Section routes assigned to Coordinated Stations
Document with data updated to February 28, 2028
Catalogue of Capacity Restrictions
21 de abril de 2022, se modifica en la Línea 410 el tramo afectado. Inicialmente se indicó Moreda/ Almería, actualizado por el tramo Huércal-Viator/ Almería, sobre edición 31 de marzo de 2022. Restrictions updated in accordance with the TOC session of March 10, 2022. This document will be updated regularly with information from the TOC sessions, which are those that define and agree on programmes of action and works on infrastructure.
Table of Costs of Supplying Electrified Lines in Alternating Current. Data of March 2022
This document will be updated monthly with the prices and ratios that will be used to issue the corresponding invoice for the services rendered each month.
Network Statement 2022 - Errata
ERRATA PAGES. 53 AND 55 SECTION 2.6.1 INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT: The information corresponding to the Valladolid-Burgos high-speed line is modified: Venta de Baños-Burgos and the Monforte del Cid-Murcia high-speed line: Beniel- Murcia El Carmen Station (north side), respectively


Network Statement Update 2022

Main modifications incorporated into the 2022 Network Statement

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