International activity

by Adif Alta Velocidad and Adif

The activity of Adif Alta Velocidad and Adif in its international dimension is reflected, among other activities, by
  • Our presence in international forums and organisations.
  • Collaboration in the improvement of European connections
  • Advice to companies and infrastructure managers
  • The provision of training, operational assistance and capacity building
Both Adif Alta Velocidad and Adif participate in this international activity.
All service and current information is available on the Adif website, which can be accessed through this link:

Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif High Speed) around the world

Mapa mundial para las localizaciones

Open information Japan Gauge-change technology consulting.

Open information Saudi Arabia / Haramain high-speed line Adif participated in the consortium for building the second stage of the Meca - Medina high-speed line (450 km) and operating it for 12 years.

Open information Israel Knowledge transfer and training programs.

Open information Turkey Advice on the commissioning of high-speed lines, traffic safety, traffic management, etc.

Open information Egypt Feasibility study of the Cairo - Luxor high-speed corridor, Twinning Project (EU) on traffic safety.

Open information Ukraine Award of a Twinning Project (EU) for technical assistance on traffic safety.

Open information Bosnia and Herzegovina Institutional collaboration for the development of a regulatory framework.

Open information Poland Training in signaling, circulation and maintenance.

Open information Sweden Consulting in design and development of high-speed networks.

Open information Croatia Consultancy on public-private collaborations and financing.Training in traffic-control systems and level crossings.

Open information Tunisia Seminars for maintenance experts.

Open information Denmark Assistance to Bandenmark for the implementation of ERTMS N2.

Open information Morocco Implementation of the Da Vinci system (traffic management).Training in high speed, ERTMS and operational projects.Agreement in matters of railway stations.

Open information Venezuela Traffic management, station management and business management seminars.

Open information Colombia Technical assistance and construction for the commissioning and operation of the La Loma - Puerto Santa Marta freight line (230 km).

Open information Peru Improvement of the operational system of the company Ferrocarril Transandino S.A. (FETRANSA).Training to PeruRail on signaling, traffic and maintenance.

Open information Chile Contract for the provision of traffic regulation and management services.

Open information Mexico Technical assistance to the suburban train of the Valley of Mexico.Support for train traffic, checkpoint management regulations and staff training.

Open information United States Texas High Speed.Collaboration with RENFE-Operadora for the development of the Houston - Dallas high-speed project (385 km long).Cooperation with NEC Partner Forum for the development of the high-speed Northeast Corridor.Collaboration with CHSRA (California High-Speed Rail Authority).