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Adif Alta Velocidad assumes, among other things, the competences related to the construction and administration of the high-speed railway infrastructures, as well as other infrastructures and functions transferred to it, the high-speed station business and the telecommunications and energy activities.

Its creation responds, among other things, to the criteria of rationalising the railway sector in the area of state competence, achieving maximum efficiency of services in a scenario of progressive deregulation and achieving budgetary stability. This is in compliance with the modifications made by the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) and the new accounting criteria established therein.

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High Speed Infrastructure

The Royal Decree-Law establishing Adif Alta Velocidad also provides for the possibility of entrusting, by signing the appropriate service provision agreements, the performance by Adif of certain activities for Adif Alta Velocidad, including the management of traffic control systems and infrastructure capacity, maintenance, public safety and security, corporate functions, and so on.

In addition to the maintenance of our infrastructure, we are building new high-speed lines, to which have made a significant contribution both Community funds, through aid from the Cohesion Fund, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Networks), and EIB loans, which meet the highest quality standards.

The railway connection of the various territories requires the construction of major engineering works (viaducts, tunnels, etc.) that Adif Alta Velocidad is undertaking with a view to the economic and social profitability of the investment.

Adif Alta Velocidad has assigned as assets the passenger stations that are connected by the high performance lines it manages, with Adif being entrusted with their management.

Action programmes

Regulation, control and supervision programme

It reflects the necessary development of the regulatory function to develop and appraise the policies established for each of the modes of transport.
Service management and provision programme
Seeks to promote an efficient use of transport, with better use of the existing network and promoting the intermodal chain or the modal option that provides the greatest benefits and performance to the system under the principle of economic sustainability.
Investment programme

The purpose of the initiatives regarding investment in new developments and capabilities envisaged in the PITVI is basically to complete the major structuring elements and itineraries of the network, reinforce intermodal connections and provide certain strategic infrastructures, such as cross-border connections.

This area of planning will apply an intermodal approach to the investments, while cost-profit analysis mechanisms and economic, financial and social profitability forecasts will also be incorporated in order to prioritise and streamline the investments.

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PITVI 2012-2024

Infrastructure, Transport and Housing Plan

Currently being processed and approved, the Infrastructure, Transport and Housing Plan (PITVI 2012-2024), in addition to integrating all the policies of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, including housing, defines the State's portfolio of public services in the field of transport.