Electric Charging Points

Installation of electric recharging points / Ferrolineras

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For years, Adif has been studying how to take advantage of the electrical energy of its network. As a result of the different R + D + i projects, a patent was registered for the System control procedure and battery charging from the railway electrical system (P-NAC 201130502).

The novelty of this system is that it allows the capture of the high voltage (HV) electrical power from the railway electrical system and its transformation to low voltage (LV), without affecting rail traffic, for the creation of Electric Recharge Points (ERP) open to the public that will be used by electric vehicles.

Through this initiative, Adif and Adif AV seek to contribute to alleviating one of the major problems faced by electric vehicle burden -the difficulty of its application to intercity mobility-, based on the purchase of certified green energy, a network of more than 9,700 kilometres of electrified lines and the network of passenger stations.In this way, the range of electric vehicles can be extended beyond metropolitan areas, and people in other areas will also be able to access the system.

The implementation of electric vehicle charging points is part of the Adif and Adif AV 2018-2030 Plan to Combat Climate Change, which includes the promotion of sustainable mobility and electromobility as a tool to meet the decarbonization objectives of economic activity.

Interested promoters must install at least one fast charging ERP with two connectors at the corresponding station that enables the simultaneous fast charging of two electric vehicles.