Request for infrastructure testing

E-mail address for requesting testing on infrastructures and facilities

The certification and verification of rolling stock both by railway companies and by the manufacturers of said material –which are not subject to payment by canon– as well as safety systems, track materials, etc., usually requires the use of infrastructure and facilities owned by Adif AV to carry out the necessary tests.

To guarantee that these are carried out in compliance with applicable regulations, a mailbox has been implemented on the Adif AV (Adif High Speed) website in order to facilitate the coordination of the necessary actions for processing the request, prior to carrying out the aforementioned tests.
Using the form, which is accessed through Adif AV's electronic office:
you will find the information you need to provide to request the corresponding test.



1.    Go to Adif's electronic headquarters by following this link:
2.    In the Procedures available, select the one corresponding to "Request for Tests and Trials on Railway Infrastructures".
3.    Start the online process by clicking on the "Register application" icon.
4.    Fill in the application form.

Along with the application, the following documents are required:
  • For legal persons: name and company name, Tax ID number, copy of the Power of Attorney, ID and contact information of the representative, and current civil liability insurance policy.
  • In the case of Railway Companies: license number and details of the contact person.
  • For natural persons: ID and contact details of the interested party.

5.    The test request process is initiated.


Price ranges
At the following link you can download the financial conditions related to the performance of tests and trials in the infrastructure and facilities managed by Adif and ADIF Alta Velocidad.