Railway operators

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Deregulation and operators
The deregulation of the railway sector has meant different operators have been able to access the General Interest Railway Network.The first step was aimed at transporting goods to, later, be extended to passengers.
Spanish Railway Safety Agency (AESF)

To access the General Interest Railway Network (Red Ferroviaria de Interés General; RFIG), railway undertakings must have the corresponding licence and safety certificate, the issue of which is the responsibility of the AESF.

The AESF is the authority responsible for railway safety, as established in Law 38/2015 of 19 September, 2015, on the Railway Sector, carrying out the management, inspection and supervision of the safety of all elements of the railway system: infrastructure, rolling stock, railway personnel and railway operation.

It also carries out the functions related to the interoperability of the railway system falling under State jurisdiction, as well as the granting, suspension and revocation of licences to railway undertakings.

Overview of Railway Deregulation

On a monthly basis, the Summary of Railway Undertakings Licences and Authorisations for Capacity Allocation is updated, which includes the applicants registered in the Special Railway Register of:
  • Licensed railway companies.
  • Railway Companies with a licence from another state and a safety certificate issued in Spain.
  • Companies with specific authorisation to apply for capacity allocation
It also shows the rail freight traffic activity indicators.

With the same frequency, the Summary of Private Rail Infrastructure Connection Authorisations (Loaders) is updated to the RFIG, which lists the Loader Authorisations granted.