2030 Strategic Plan

The key to our future

Adif's and Adif AV's 2030 Strategic Plan is the reference guide and the key to the future. It outlines the plans and tools that ADIF and ADIF AV will have to implement over the coming years to overcome both the external and internal challenges they will face.

The 2030 Strategic Plan is the key that paves the way forward for Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad in an uncertain world, where the “end of the road” remains to be seen.

All the General Departments of both companies were involved in constructing the Plan so as to achieve a joint and collaborative vision.Through the 2030 Strategic Plan, we will take on the  1+10+1 challenges together and prepare to face and anticipate new challenges that have yet to arise, such as the trends in technology that are already part of our reality, new consumption patterns and lifestyles, the concerns needed to mitigate the effects of climate change, compliance with regulatory frameworks and, ultimately, an increasingly demanding, stressed and volatile market situation.

All the details of the 2030 Strategic Plan are housed in the same place, to avoid confusion and duplication and to make it easier to navigate for anyone who wants to get to know us.