Madrid - Toledo Line

Third high-speed line


On 15 November 2005, the Madrid-Toledo high-speed line was inaugurated, the third of its kind to come into operation in Spain, after the Madrid-Seville and Madrid-Lleida lines.

75 km in 33 minutes.

The route between Madrid and Toledo runs along the Madrid-Seville high-speed line, up to km 54 in the municipality of La Sagra.

The design of the tracks at the head of the line (P.A.E.T. de la Sagra Station) means that trains to Toledo can be diverted at a speed of 220 km/h. without having to reduce their speed.

This new 20.5-kilometre-long railway access links to the capital of La Mancha. The journey time between the two cities is 33 minutes.

European Funding

Adif AV has received aid and financing for this line from the various European Union (EU) funds and programmes.

"A way to make Europe

Highlighted structures

Quality service

A spectacular 1,602 m-long viaduct over the Tajo River and Valdecaba Stream leads to the second subsection (Mocejón-Toledo).

Another important structure is the pergola over the Madrid - Seville high-speed line, which is built to enable the left track of the new Toledo rail access to join the right track, after which they each continue on their own track-bed.

Toledo Station

Restoration of the historic building
Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest with the category of Monument, Toledo Station was designed by the architect Narciso Clavería in the neo-Mudejar style, and was inaugurated in 1919. Its restoration is one of the most unique aspects of the actions that have been carried out in the development of the high-speed link between Madrid and Toledo.

New features
For its refurbishment, it was necessary to adapt the whole area and its different elements to the needs and features required by a commercial station on a high-speed line. Among other services, customers will have be able to use an open-air, asphalted and well-lit car park with a surface area of 7,500 square metres and 325 parking spaces.
Infrastructure characteristics
Total length 1,602 metres
Total length of 271 metres
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