Operating procedure

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Access conditions
In Chapter 3 of the Network Statement the terms and conditions related to accessing the railway infrastructure managed by Adif Alta Velocidad (Adf High Speed) are described.
In accordance with the Railway Sector Law, railway companies with a valid safety license and certificate issued by the Spanish Railway Safety Agency or by the competent authority of another member state of the European Union can access the General Interest Railway Network managed by Adif under the conditions determined therein.
ADIF - Alta Velocidad (ADIF - High Speed) has entrusted the performance of certain tasks to the public business entity "Administrator de Ingraestructuras Ferroviarias" (Resolution of January 28, 2014, of the Department for Infrastructures, Transport and Housing), for example: infrastructure maintenance, traffic and capacity management, traffic safety, safety and civil protection, coordination and monitoring of operations, stations and fuel, etc. However, ADIF - High Speed keeps its competencies and responsibilities as a railway infrastructure manager. Railway companies interested in providing any of these services should contact the corresponding areas of Adif indicated in the directory.
Service Facilities
The Chapter 7 of the Network Statement, on service facilities, offers an overview of the infrastructure manager's service facilities and other service facilities connected to the General Interest Railway Network in application of the EU Implementation Regulation 2017/217