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Second stage
​​​​​​​Liberalization of rail passenger transport​​​​​

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Estación pasante de Atocha
Administrador de infraestructuras ferroviarias.
High speed network connection in Spain
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en referente de la movilidad de futuro
600 asistentes en 144 estaciones facilitan a viajeros su paso por la terminal y la subida y bajada de los trenes

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Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif High Speed) in figures
on the railway network
Throughout Spain
Green Bonds (2017 to 2022)
Trains in circulation every year (2021)
Aplicacion Adif en tu móvil
Adif on your mobile phone
Having the Adif app on your mobile phone allows you to check the status of passenger trains in real time.
You can also get general information, as well as information on services and the commercial, cultural and leisure offer available in passenger stations.
Information of interest.
You can get general information on addresses, GPS coordinates, opening hours, Adif contact numbers, a station's location in the city, maps, parking lots, etc.
*For Huawei terminals with an Android operating system*