Social Sustainability

Promotion of gender equality and diversity

Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif High Speed) assumes a strong business commitment to gender equality, placing it within its priorities in the field of people management, corporate culture and social responsibility.

At Adif Alta Velocidad we are working decisively to eliminate barriers and achieve full gender equality by 2030.Women are underrepresented in all professional groups, especially in positions related to operational activities linked to historically masculinized professions; but they are also underrepresented, although significantly less, in management structure positions, where women barely reach 29% of all Adif Alta Velocidad's professionals.

Adif Alta Velocidad commits to being a diverse and inclusive company, in which equality is a reality, is materialized in the following initiatives:

  • Declaration of equal opportunities for men and women in the transportation sector.Women in transport.
  • Adif is a partner of the Business Network for Diversity and LGTBQ Inclusion > (REDI, as per its acronym in Spanish) . This association aims to promote an inclusive and respectful environment in companies and organizations.