Antequera - Granada Line

Stations on the line

This high-speed line has three stations: Antequera, Loja and Granada. 

Granada Station

Adif has invested more than 12.6 million euros in remodelling Granada station and its set of tracks to adapt it to the new demands and to the significant increase in trains and passengers that will be travelling through the new facilities.

The station in its current location allows access to Granada's city center and connects with other modes of urban transport, including the underground. In addition, Adif has built a pedestrian walkway over the set of tracks that connects Camino de Ronda, with Halcón Street and Andaluces Avenue, which significantly improves the connection between these two areas of Granada, historically separated by the railway line, responding to a neighbourhood petition.

The adaptation of the current passenger building to the new high-speed line includes the renovation and extension of the existing building. The result is a building with a U-shaped plan that embraces the set of tracks and platforms, which are joined at the front of the station. Moreover, the platforms and the rest of the passenger areas are at the same level of the city's road network, which allows total accessibility from the outside, in addition to the improvements made for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Loja Station

Adif has built a new passenger building and platform on this station, and the track configuration has been changed, leaving a general track and another siding track both equipped with triple wire. This station has been designed with interoperability and accessibility criteria: it has two lifts and an underpass between its two platforms, which are 200 m and 400 m long. The station will have a ticket vending machine and equipment for access control, as well as the necessary facilities for its remote management. Outside there is a parking lot with 13 spaces, plus 2 spaces for people with disabilities and another one for adapted taxis.

Antequera Station

Antequera-Santa Ana Station

Due to its geographical location, this station is the major distribution center for rail traffic in southern Spain. It is made up of five international-gauge tracks and two platforms, which are 400 meters long and 8 meters wide, as well as two Iberian-gauge tracks and a 240-meter-long and 8-meter-wide platform. The three platforms are equipped with canopies.

The station also has a surface car park with a 290-vehicles capacity, protected by canopies. There is also a specific area for bus parking and taxi rank.


New Antequera station

Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif High Speed) is making progress in the construction works of this new station. Today, civil works have been completed, including the burying of railway tracks and the corresponding track-bed, the structure of the platforms and the evacuation stairs, the upper slab and the A-7281 road together with the connecting roundabout to the station's immediate road access.

The platform is made up of two general high-speed tracks, two tracks with access to high-speed platforms and a fifth Iberian-gauge track.

On the other hand, the new Antequera high-speed station will also be connected to the Bobadilla - Granada conventional-gauge track.