Antequera-Granada Line

Highlighted structures

Among the 31 viaducts and 7 tunnels on this line, the following unique elements stand out.

The Archidona viaduct, passing over olive trees

The Archidona viaduct, with a steel and concrete structure of more than 3 km in length, is the longest on the Antequera-Granada HSR. It extends through the contiguous sections of Peña de los Enamorados-Archidona and Archidona-Arroyo de la Negra, both in the municipality of Archidona, in the province of Malaga. Its construction responds to the necessity of not affecting the existing aquifer in the area.

It is 3,150.5 m long, with two end spans of 35 m, 59 spans of 50 m and two central 6 m spans. The width of the viaduct platform is 14 m, with the same dimensions as the rest of the track platform.

The viaduct is a concrete and steel structure emerging from the tunnel to fly over the olive groves of the Archidona valley, under the gaze of the legendary Peña de los Enamorados mountain.


The main constraints of the project were:

  • Its extension. 3,150.5 m
    It is the longest on the Antequera-Granad high-speed line
  • High levels of seismicity in the area
  • Piers with an average height of 25 m
  • No track expansion devices on the deck.
    It is the largest structure projected in Spain with track expansion devices only in the abutments, for maintenance reasons.

All of this has required a special viaduct to be designed with a single central fixed point and a composite, more flexible deck with less mass than a concrete one, all decisive factors in limiting the impact of seismic activity to acceptable values.

Viaduct over the Guadalhorce river and A-92 in Antequera (Málaga)

This 2,525.5 m-long viaduct, is located in the Antequera-Peña de los Enamorados section, in the municipality of Antequera (Málaga). Its design and construction process made it possible to minimise the impact on the Unique Agricultural Landscape of the Vega de Antequera.

The structure has 49 spans. The 14 m-wide deck accommodates the high speed double track platform. The most iconic element of this viaduct is the 90 m-span metallic arch that sits astride the A-92, with a sagitta of 17 m.

The piers have a variable height to adapt to the profile of the route, reaching a maximum height of 27 m in the area closest to the junction over the A-92 road.

Archidona Tunnel (Malaga)

The 1,125.7 m-long Archidona tunnel is located in the Archidona-Arroyo de la Negra section, as it passes through the Archidona municipality, in the province of Malaga. It is a double track monotube type tunnel.

The tunnel, which is located in the northeastern sector of the province of Malaga, crosses the mountain range that gives it its name in a west-east direction, crossing the A-92 highway. It also runs adjacent to the Archidona viaduct.

Quejigares Tunnel (Loja, Granada)

The Quejigares tunnel is located in the Arroyo de la Viñuela-Quejigares section, in the municipality of Loja (Granada). It is a bi-tube tunnel, comprising two parallel tunnels of 3,354.8 m and 3,378.2 m, respectively.

This tunnel runs under the A-92 and has 6 pedestrian evacuation galleries, located each 500 m.