What we offer

Specialists in all matters that can provide their services in all phases of the project's development.

  • Institutional and legal development
  • Planning
  • Processes and regulations
  • Technology
  • Training
  • New construction line management
  • Modernization and improvement of existing networks
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Asset management (stations, fiber optics, ....)
Improve Conventional Networks
  • Track duplication.
  • Adaptation of the route to increase the maximum speed modernization and improvement of existing networks.
  • Track with UIC60 rail and monobloc concrete sleepers.
  • Installation of new turnouts.
  • New catenary suitable for 220 km / h.
  • New signaling equipment.
  • Elimination of level crossings.
High Speed Projects
High speed has contributed to positioning the railway sector as one of the main engines of economic and social development in the countries where it is present, reinforcing territorial cohesion between different regions and opening up new markets, especially in the service sector.

30 years of knowledge in high speed projects.

  • High-speed rail is very competitive in relation to air transport over short and medium distances.
  • It attracts new travelers to the railways, many of them from planes.
  • Save time.