International activity

Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad.

Our work in international forums

Adif's activity is increasingly influenced by laws, regulations, technical standards and procedures that have their origin in international institutions and organizations, mainly, but not only, the European Union. An important part of Adif's international task is the promotion and participation in these discussion forums, defending the interests of our entity and of Spanish industry and technology.

Advice to companies and infrastructure administrators

In addition, taking into account that the railroad has become a global benchmark for sustainability for the mobility of citizens and the promotion of commercial relations through freight transport, many infrastructure managers and administrators require the support and experience of Adif to help them in their own process of technological and organizational modernization.

We advise Governments, companies and institutions interested in developing their railway systems, through the provision of services, assistance to projects or training courses, with the participation of Adif experts, heirs of the long process of modernization of the Spanish railway network

We collaborate in the improvement of European connections

Finally, we work closely with our European partners to ensure the best and most efficient rail connections with our neighbors, through the European Corridors, as well as the promotion of freight traffic with the EU.
All Adif's international activity is guided by the company's international strategy, fully aligned with the priorities of the 2030 Strategic Plan.

Sector partners

Adif works with the most competitive railway cluster in the world, formed by leading Spanish companies in technology and construction
• Prestigious international consulting and engineering companies.
• Extensive experience in public works.
• Experience in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of large high-speed rail projects.
• Extensive knowledge of rail services management and systems integration.
• Reliability of all the processes that make up a high quality customer service.
• The experience in High Speed that Spain is successfully exporting to other countries.