International organizations and European Economic Interest Groups (EEIGs)

Adif works with the most competitive railway cluster in the world, formed by leading Spanish companies in technology and construction.

Since its creation, Adif has participated in international organizations that have been useful to its mission and its values, in line with the tradition of cooperation that railway companies have followed for years and that has allowed them to evolve from a technical, social and political point of view.
The activity carried out by the different international organizations takes very different forms, but it is essential that Adif be present and actively participate in them, which we do under the coordination of the International Directorate and with the collaboration of numerous Adif specialists.
Collaboration with other infrastructure managers, with operating companies or with any other entity in the sector can respond to different needs:
  • Technical aspects that facilitate international railway activity (creation of technical standards, participation in common research projects, etc.),
  • Legal matters (harmonization of regulations, preparation of consensual responses to legislation)
  • Defense in the political sphere of the interests of the sector (pressure groups at European level)
  • Social issues (inclusion of travelers with special needs, social benefits for railroad workers).
Due to their relevance, the European institutions and bodies in which the common technical safety and interoperability regulations are developed, the development efforts of corridors are coordinated, including the ERTMS signaling system, and they cooperate with other railway infrastructure managers in all the political, economic and technological issues that affect us as an infrastructure manager within the framework of the European Union; participation in these organizations is fundamental to the interests of our company.

Main international organizations in which Adif participates

Rail Net Europe

Planning and management of international rail capacity and improvement of the quality and efficiency of international traffic


European collaboration platform PRIME

Collaboration between European managers to develop the Fourth EU Rail Package and boost the rail business

European Corridors and EEIGs
The European Economic Interest Groupings (EEIGs) are legal instruments that aim to promote cross-border cooperation for the development of objectives within the EU.
 Specifically, the EEIGs in which Adif participates have the purpose of facilitating the implementation of certain railway corridors and conducting studies that make them a reality in order to promote international traffic, resolving issues related to infrastructure, management or processing of applications and transit permits between countries.