tiendas de la estación (station shops)

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It is a retail area in the main Adif stations with high passenger traffic, consisting of a group of stores gathered under the same brand, with a format based on quality and specialized management, which in addition to meeting the needs of the traveller, also aims at satisfying the needs of the environment.

The tiendas de la estación trademark can be found in nine stations: Alicante / Alacnat, Barcelona Sants, Córdoba, Gerona, Madrid Chamartín, Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Seville Santa Justa, Valencia Nord and Valencia Joaquín Sorolla.

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In 9 large stations

that make our spaces meeting points for society.
Visited by more than 200 million annual travelers

With a total of 258 premises

in stations with station store retail areas

And a total available area of 47,068 m²

GLA (Gross leasable area in square meters)

Detail of our stations with the implementation of the station store brand

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Exposición en la estación Sevilla Santa Justa: "Finanzas Éticas y el Comercio Justo en la consecución de los ODS" 

La Asociación OikoCredit Catalunya, a través del Programa Estación Abierta, expone mediante diversas fotografías, la historia de personas de países de África, Asia y América Latina que han recibido financiación para la puesta en marcha de cultivos de productos de Comercio Justo.

Se podrá visitar hasta el próximo 10 de diciembre en la estación de Sevilla Santa Justa.
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This brand identifies the Adif stations that have a varied commercial offer at the service of the traveler, visitors and the station's surroundings. Present in Alicante, Barcelona Sants, Córdoba, Girona, Madrid-Chamartín, Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, Sevilla Santa Justa, Valencia Joaquín Sorolla and Valencia Nord.

The stations with the implanted brand station stores are commercially managed by Adif. In them, in addition to an internal regulation similar to that of any shopping center, global and local advertising and promotion actions are carried out.

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