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Adif makes its network of Freight Transport Terminals available to its customers (Railway Companies, Candidates, Shippers, Combined Transport Operators and other transport agents). 

These railway infrastructures connected to a line (track) enable starting, complementing or concluding the rail transport of goods by executing a series of operations on the train and on the goods it transports, as part of the supply chain to which is linked.

These railway infrastructures are made up of main and service tracks.
Estas infraestructuras ferroviarias se componen de vías principales y de servicio.

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What we offer
Terminal Networks
Adif has a network of 38 main Freight Terminals distributed throughout the national territory.
Based on its functionality we can distinguish the following: intermodal transport, loading point, training and maneuvers, removal, maintenance, cleaning and washing and refueling.
The services provided at the Adif Terminals are the allocation of capacity, the supply of fuel, the handling of UTIs
and maneuvers and other operations on the Train.
Adif sells within its facilities, attached to the railway infrastructure, different buildings and spaces.

Management model

Seeking greater efficiency of the system, and guaranteeing in its application criteria of transparency, objectivity and non-discrimination, the current legislation establishes the following management models for Adif Freight Transport Terminals:

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Direct Management

Direct Management, which consists of Provision of services by Adif, either with its own resources or through the establishment of specific service contracts.

Risk Management and Venture

Risk and Venture Management, which consists of managing the Provision of services by other operators, public or private, that have a contract for availability of spaces and resources, at their risk and chance.

Self-provision Management

Management in Self-provision, which consists of provision of services by the Railway Companies, for themselves or in collaboration with other Railway Companies, on a non-exclusive basis.

Rental of Real Estate / Resources

Rental of Real Estate / Resources
Adif sells within its facilities, attached to the railway infrastructure, among others, the following properties and spaces: 
  • Parcels and plots of land
  • Buildings and warehouses
  • Offices
  • Car parks
  • Yards
  • Other channels
Likewise, customers can have specialized resources: 
  • Locomotives
  • Locotractors
  • Mobile handling cranes
For more information on real estate, access the space finder.
For more resources information:
Para más información de inmuebles, accede al buscador de espacios.  Para más información de medios:
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