General information

about Transparency


Adif, as a state-owned enterprise under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, guides its management through engagement with its stakeholders (e.g. railway users, railway operators, citizens, taxpayers, suppliers, investors, employees) to achieve a safe, efficient and sustainable railway system.

In keeping with that vision, predicated on the values of responsibility, best practices and service in the interest of the citizens, access to the company's public documentation is available on this website.

This page provides considerable information on transparency, in addition to information on the General State Administration's Transparency Portal, which also includes Adif.

This section includes financial and non-financial reports; the processes for required public disclosures; the key elements of the railway sector's liberalisation; the data protection policy and access to the Whistleblower Channel, the communication channel between Adif and its stakeholders and society as a whole so that anyone can report potential breaches of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.Information on core functions and regulations, governing bodies and organisational structure or information of legal relevance is provided in the chapter of the web where this section is included.