Adif’s Estación Abierta Programme:

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The Programme

Within Adif's Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability actions, specifically as part of the actions that seek to optimize our external social impact in local environments, Adif has had an action program since 2008 called Adif Open Station Programme. This programme is the tool to coordinate and develop cultural, social and environmental initiatives in railway stations managed by Adif, always under criteria of social responsibility and without commercial purposes.

Its purpose is to enhance the station's social connection with its surroundings and thus increase the value that Adif brings to the places where its activity takes place. The program is divided into three lines of action: 
  • Opening of the Station to the environment (visits and social activities)
  • Raising awareness of values through collaboration with NGOs and other non-profit organizations (exhibitions, information tables, attracting partners or funds, flash mobs, concerts, etc.
  • Cultural actions for the promotion of new artists (concerts and exhibitions)
The Adif Open Station Programme is Adif's main instrument to materialize collaboration with the third sector, making available, free of charge, an excellent platform (each year more than 150 million people pass through Adif stations) to carry out activities that help them achieve their objectives, while the stations increase their value to citizens by providing them with cultural, social and environmental content.

How we do it

Collaborative work with non-profit organizations is regulated by an internal work procedure that allows us to ensure homogeneity in the responses to requests for space, with explicit and shared criteria, regardless of their input channel; it also makes the process of service and response to third-sector organizations more agile and transparent.

Request for the assignment of spaces to organizations

Non-profit entities (associations and foundations) and public institutions Those who are interested in carrying out any activity at Adif and Adif AV stations must send the application form and the related documents completed.
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Main indicators of the Programme



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