Rolling highways

Looking for synergies between modes of transport

The search for synergies between modes of transport is contributing to the development of integrated logistics services with intermodal solutions.
  • Line of Action 6.1 (Effective increase in rail freight transport) of the Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility Strategy 2030, defined by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) proposes boosting Rolling Highways in Spain
  • The Mercancías 30 initiative proposes 6 areas of action, one of which (Line 4.4) refers to the implementation of Rolling Highway Services, where the following actions are defined:>>>>>>>>
    • Definition and provision of corridors for Rolling Highway services (AF 1)
    • Creation of a support and advice office for the start-up of Rolling Highway services (AF 2)

Support and Advice Office for the start-up of Rolling Highway services

  • To contribute to the promotion of Rolling Highways in accordance with the strategies of the EU and the Spanish Government in terms of the decarbonization and electrification of transport and the development of multimodal chains
  • To create a one-stop shop that coordinates and responds quickly to specific projects proposed by logistics operators
  • To generate certainty and stimulate the interest in the sector, guiding companies in the start-up of new Rolling Highway transport services, both on Iberian and standard gauge
  • To provide information to the sector on priority corridors and their availability for the implementation of Rolling Highway services.
  • To analyze Rolling Highway service project proposals submitted by operators
  • To validate preliminary analyses of technical feasibility and economic, social and environmental profitability of projects  
  • To guide operators in the processing of Exceptional Transport Requests, capacity allocation, terminal service provision contracts, grants, subsidies, etc.
  • To monitor the entire process until the Rolling Highway is put into service
Rolling Highway Advisory Support Mailbox