Photography and audiovisual works

in Adif facilities and offices

This page provides the necessary information for taking photographs or shooting audiovisual works at stations or other Adif facilities.
  • If the job you want to do is of a professional nature or you wish to offer an audiovisual service to a company, please carefully read the instructions shown below.
  • If, as someone fond of photography and the railroad, you want to take photos or record videos for your own use or, in any case for non-profit purposes, see the section Personal works of photographers and railroad enthusiasts on this same page.

Professional jobs

The media

Request for authorization to record or take photographs for exclusively informative work.

Data to be included in the application:

  • Full names and ID number of the people who will carry out the work.
  • Expected date of the work
  • Object or purpose of the work or report
  • Telephone and contact person
NOTE: The authorization will be valid only for the period in which the professional work is to be carried out in the corresponding railway facilities.
It is essential to indicate the media outlet for which permission to carry out the work is requested.
Filming for movies or television, commercials, documentaries...

In the Filming section you can apply for authorisation to carry out professional or research work (film or television shoots, commercials, work on railway technology, etc.) that requires recordings or photographs to be taken at Adif facilities. It also provides information on the applicable rates.

There is a location finder that may be of interest to your project. The spaces are classified by type and geographical location. The search engine also has a tag filter that compiles certain features that group the facilities according to the requirements of the project.

Coordination and management with other rail-related companies

The Fundación de los Ferrocarriiles Españoles [Spanish Railway Foundation] also has locations of particular interest for filming, events and audiovisual works, such as its railway museums, the trains that are housed in them and Fernán Núñez Palace.

Personal works of photography and railway enthusiasts


Individuals who wish to take photographs in the private areas used by the public in Adif’s main railway stations do not need to have a previously issued permit.

Even if the photographs are taken by amateurs, those reports whose main subject matter is not railway or railway-related in general will need a specific permission and may be considered professional works.

Likewise, the following situations are not considered "amateur photography", and therefore will be understood as professional works that require express authorisation:

  • Fashion blogs, catalogues and/or editorials, portfolios for models, actors and actresses.
  • Wedding, pre-wedding and communion shoots.
  • For-profit social media features.
  • Photographs for commercial purposes.


In the case of amateur photographs, however, the following limitations for photography are maintained: