Proposals for ideas and projects

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We know that no one innovates alone, which is why we have enabled a “door” for any person or entity to send us their proposals for rail innovation. All proposals must contain ideas or projects that can be applied to the infrastructure managed by Adif, whether directly or indirectly. Please bear in mind this is not a means for presenting commercial products. All proposals sent to us will be analyzed in accordance with Adif's R+D+I management system, certified by the UNE 166002 standard.

There are two ways to send us a proposal:

  1. By email, to the address, explaining who you are, what your proposal consists of, how it can be applied to Adif's infrastructure and what advantages do you think its implementation would bring. Leave us your contact details so that we can acknowledge receipt of your proposal, ask for more information if needed and keep you updated of the progress of the process.

  2. Fill in the questionnaire that opens with this link and answer all the questions clearly and concisely so that we can understand your proposal well: 


You may ask any question you may have by email, at the following address:

Your personal data will be added to a file owned by Adif. This file is intended for facilitating access to services offered on the website