Attention to rail accident victims

Telephone assistance service to victims and relatives due to accidents


Adif, as Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, has the mission of managing a safe, efficient and sustainable infrastructure system. That is why it works to improve safety at track crossings by minimizing accidents and collisions at any point in the rail network.

The special characteristics that railway accidents usually have, due to their serious consequences for people, both the victims of these accidents and their families, require the company to provide personalized attention to resolve all the doubts that may arise after an accident, guiding victims or family members throughout the information process and possible insurance coverage to which they may be entitled.

With this premise, Adif has developed a procedure for comprehensive care for crash victims and their families whose objective is to minimize the uncertainty generated by a crash in the railway infrastructure, offering personalized assistance that guarantees adequate care and support, facilitating the information on the benefits that Adif has for these cases as well as the management of the requests that are made by the affected party or their relatives, in relation to the accident in which they have been involved.

Service features

The Adif service and information center will collect the personal and contact details of the person requesting the service.

Within a period of no more than 3 business days, an Adif representative will contact the person who made the call, informing him or her of the procedures and procedures that the affected person or family member may raise, up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity, accompanying and advising the victim or family member throughout the process.

Adif Service and Information Center

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24 hours a day, 365 days a year