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Innovation in a globalised world and competitive environment has evolved towards a model in which talent and innovation are sought beyond the limits of the organisation itself. For this reason, Adif and Adif AV want to encourage solving problems related to the operation and maintenance of railway infrastructures, promoting and developing new products, services and solutions through the publication of Challenges.
El mapa de retos de innovación es el documento que recoge los aspectos en los que Adif concentra la innovación para buscar esas soluciones, y se puede descargar mediante este enlace:  


Within this global framework, the strategic objective of innovation makes it possible to share with the outside the challenges of interest for Adif and Adif High Speed. The challenges are problems to which Adif seeks a solution, whether it is an alternative or complementary product or technology. These Challenges are also aligned with the 2030 Strategic Plan, which is structured around four basic pillars: Safety, Service, Sustainability and Focus on Results, the most relevant aspects of our results and impact for our stakeholders.

Adif is looking for innovative solutions for the following challenges:

Challenges launched with a closed proposal submission period:

General Instructions for preliminary market consultations to solve Adif's and Adif High Speed's innovation challenges