Our Brand

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Corporate Identity

The corporate brand synthesises and visually expresses the company's identity, thus projecting our values and aspirations.Starting from the brand's basic elements, a graphic language with its own personality is developed that is reflected in the different environments and supports.

The visual and conceptual territory defined by the Adif brand identifies and differentiates us, transmitting the vision and business purpose, and reflecting our value proposition to the society in which that purpose is translated.Based on the brand, the axis that articulates the entity's narrative is structured as follows:at Adif we work to improve people's lives, assuming and deploying a firm commitment to a truly sustainable model of mobility and society.

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The Adif brand, from the point of view of its graphic construction, tries to project the following attributes and values:

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Brand Office

The function of the Adif Brand area is to direct and coordinate its brand strategy, developing the necessary tools: corporate visual identity program and brand applications in the different areas of the company and its external projection, strategic positioning, brand architecture, etc. .

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Download Adif image types

Compressed .zip-type files containing png and jpg formats in their 2,693 x 823 pixel sizes.