Technical Regulations

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Drafting and approval of Technical Regulations
The different European railway administrations have regulatory documents which are used to ensure the standardisation of railway products and are used as the technical base in supply, works and service contracts.

Adif has a process to draft and approve these regulatory documents based on technical working groups, made up of experts from Adif and Adif AV on the different subjects being developed, which meet under the umbrella of the Regulatory Committee.
The Regulatory Committee is the executive body, made up of members of both entities, responsible for the approval of these technical regulatory documents, which generally meets every six months.

In order to achieve maximum dissemination of the regulations, technical specifications, price tables, etc., that are approved at the Committee meetings, the list of documents approved, modified and repealed at the last Committee meeting is attached.

Consultation phase

This phase includes proposals for new documents, new or modified versions of existing regulatory documents.

The purpose of the public consultation phase, which lasts 30 calendar days, is to collect, study and evaluate all the suggestions and contributions to the regulatory documents before being sent for approval from the Regulatory Committee at Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad (High Speed).


During the stipulated period, in order to submit comments about the draft(s), you need to complete the PDF form and attach the scanned file via the mailbox shown below:
To receive notifications about open consultation phases of Adif technical regulations

Adif has no obligation to third parties regarding these notifications. Adif guarantees exclusively the principle of transparency through the publication of drafts in the consultation phase at

Database access

In order to guarantee the principles of transparency, universal accessibility and equal treatment required by current legislation, Adif makes the database available to the stakeholders, with all the current and historical technical documentation. 

This database contains technical specifications referring to conditions on products to be installed on the track, and standards that contain guidelines for action for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all railway subsystems.

Access to the Adif Price Base and the Adif Type Specific Technical Specification Sheet


The Adif Price Base (APB), integrates the prices of the work units, which serve as a reference for the preparation of projects, works and maintenance of the General Interest Railway Network managed by Adif and Adif AV in the different railway specialities.

Through the Price Base Viewer the prices of all the units that make up the APB can be displayed, thus promoting the principles of transparency, free competition and equal treatment.
Adif's Specification of Specific Techniques Type (PPTA) accompanies the work units, giving general information about each one of them regarding its description, execution and measurement conditions and payment. This document must be individualized for each project.

Checks for ETCS and GSM-R compatibility

These documents respond to what is required by the COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2019/776 of 16 May 2019, according to which the Infrastructure Administrators, with the support of their ETCS and GSM-R providers for their network, had to submit to the European Railway Agency, no later than 16 January 2020, the definition of the necessary checks in their network of the technical compatibility between the ETCS and radiocommunication (GSM-R) equipment for voice or data on board and onshore parts of the CMS subsystems.