Connectivity, mobility and social well-beingl

Infrastructure as a service instrument

The focus on service of Adif and Adif AV is carried out for the purpose of aligning the products provided with the wishes and needs of railway operators, visitors of the stations as the most valuable customers, with the aim of obtaining greater benefits for the long-term partnership.

Our stations, terminals and, ultimately, our infrastructures must be oriented towards collecting the responses and incentives of users in the relationship they have with our company, adapting the services to each customer, including needs, habits, tastes or personal moments. 

The focus on service is materialized through actively listening to our customers, the users of our stations, terminals and operators. In this alignment, the entire organization collaborates, managing to provide agile responses to new mobility demands (information, security, accessibility, intermodality, availability, capacity ...).

Our organization together with the signals of ourstakeholdersIt must be reoriented to data management (data driven) to be able to constantly acquire, process and leverage data to create
efficiencies, develop or repeat new services and products, to maintain competitiveness in order to promote and facilitate rail transport as a sustainable, dynamic and transforming societal resource.

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Among other issues, aspects such as:
  • Entry of new operators
  • Infrastructure offer
  • Efficient transportation: Travelers, Traffic, Interoperability
  • Social well-being
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Interoperability