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  • This form, as well as the contacts of the additional information that follows does not have the status of “electronic registration ”. As such, the presentation of writings through it will not produce any type of legal effect.
  • The emails sent here will be only to formulate comments and general queries and will not be considered, in any case, an official presentation, so they will not require a response in this regard.
  • If that is the case, use the Electronic Headquarters of ADIF ( ) in which, among other procedures, there is a generic one for the “Submission of requests, writings and communications (General Instance)”.

General information and for the user of rail transport

Your suggestions are processed through the Web Communication mailbox to the competent Adif area to deal with the relevant subject matter. Select the "Web Communication Mailbox" in the form to address this area.

You can also contact the following departments directly:

Telephone assistance service to victims and relatives due to accidents

Assistance contact for accident victims and their families on any point of the Railway Network managed by Adif.

Telephone: 900 10 40 40

Assistance to Railway Companies

Commercial Premises and Stands in Stations

Filming and Media Relations

Assistance to the media and requests for authorization to film or take photographs of a professional (filming) or an informative (press and news media) nature.

Railway affected areas. Authorizations, Public Domain Zone and Building Boundary Line

To carry out any work or activity in the areas near the railway or proceed to reduce the area of public domain or the building limit line, the authorization of Adif is necessary.

Conventional lines

Logistics Services

Other contacts