Accessibility at passenger stations

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In order to facilitate transit through our stations for all travelers in general and, above all, for those with disabilities or reduced mobility, there is a set of measures and services that aim to ensure universal accessibility to our stations and the rail services provided in them.

Acerca Service

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What does it consist of?

This is a Customer Care and Assistance service for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility that Adif makes available to rail customers at the 145 Adif and Adif High Speed stations where it operates.

It is a personalized service that guides, informs and facilitates the traveler's access and transit through the stations, and provides help for getting on and off the trains. If necessary, mechanical devices are available to enable this.

The service includes picking up the passenger at the meeting point in their station of origin, assistance transiting through the station, boarding the train and finding their seats. They will also be picked up at their destination station, helped to disembark and accompanied to the previously established place in the arrival station.

Request for assistance

Travelers who need it can request it:
  • When purchasing a ticket through the sales channels established by the train operators.
  • After purchasing a ticket and before making the trip, via the telephone numbers and channels set up by the train operators.
  • Directly at the stations with a permanent service, if it was not requested at the time of purchase, and at least 30 minutes before the departure of the train. At stations with scheduled service, assistance must be requested through the operator at least 12 hours before the departure of the train. (You can consult the Type of Service in stations by going to the section Station List shown below).
  • Requests for assistance for international trips starting in any of the stations with the Adif Acerca Service to European countries that are part of the International Union of Railways (UIC) must be made at least 48 hours prior to the departure of the train at the station of origin, by emailing or by calling 917744040 between 6 am and midnight.

List of stations

Adif Acerca service certified by AENOR
See certificate

6>Universal Accessibility Policy applied to the Adif Acerca service

Go to the Universal Accessibility Policy

More comfortable, more accessible and more modern stations

More comfortable, more accessible and more modern stations

Universal accessibility is one of the basic lines of action in the provision of rail services. As such, station improvement and modernisation plans contribute to meeting Adif's goal of making railway infrastructures and facilities an increasingly valuable space for citizens, generating welfare, progress and social cohesion.

The station modernization plans are developed according to four main lines of action:

1.       Rehabilitation and modernization of traveler buildings

2.       Improved accessibility

3.       Increased security

4.       Environmental actions

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Proximity bands and yellow stripes on the edge of the platform
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Improved access and environments
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Non-slip rubber steps between platforms
Accessible car parks
ramps and elevators to platforms
solar powered lighting