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Stations involve so much more than just getting on or off a train or waiting for someone who is arriving from a trip. They are a constantly active meeting point where one can set up a stand, distribute advertising, visit an exhibition, make purchases, run a business, attend a concert or conference, or film a movie.
There is a search engine that helps locate the spaces and properties available for sale or rent. You can find more information in the section Real Estate Marketing.

Public tenders for renting spaces in stations

Through public tenders Adif rents space in passenger stations which can be used for various activities.

If you are interested in one or more tenders, you can also fill out the registration form to receive notifications and updates on the tender process.

Notification Request Log

If you are interested in one or more station space rental tenders and would like to receive notifications concerning the tender process, please fill out this form, indicating the file number, and we will contact you to inform you of any updates that may occur during the process.

Stands and other spaces in stations

Adif stations are vibrant, bright, central and unique spaces, suitable for spectacular actions and activities. Fairs, exhibitions, stands, promotions, press conferences, concerts, shows, etc. Our spaces do not limit your imagination.

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Prices and conditions in common areas in stations

Prices and conditions

For more information and contracting: 

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They are areas for promoting products and services, or attracting partners or customers, as long as no money changes hands at the stand.

Unique premises (trade fairs, events, other channels)

We have large spaces in and around the stations that are suitable for trade fairs, events, meetings, shows, test drives, press conferences, concerts, etc. Our exclusive spaces set no limit on your imagination.

Other possibilities

In Adif Passenger stations, you can deliver brochures and samples, carry out surveys, or set up a cart/sale kiosk on the platform

Other activities

Open Station
This programme is the tool for coordinating and developing cultural, social and environmental initiatives in railway stations managed by Adif, always under criteria of social responsibility and without commercial purposes.
Electric Charging Points
Installation of recharging points / railway stations
Photography and audiovisual works
Taking photographs or filming audiovisual works in stations or other Adif facilities
Filming locations

Adif offers all interested parties a catalogue of spaces that allows them to search by typology, geographical location and various labels for the space they need for each of their projects.

Assets for development
An Adif initiative to promote the recovery of disused railway assets, turning them into resources for the generation of development and employment in the areas of Spain that need it most.

The programme seeks to contribute to the response required by the challenge of rural depopulation in Spain.
In this video we show you the different possibilities that companies and entrepreneurs have for advertising or marketing their products and services at Adif's passenger stations

Advertising actions and campaigns at stations

Adif stations, due to their central location in cities, are the ideal showcase in which to develop advertising actions and campaigns.More information at https://global.com/es/contacta/